Pilot Demonstrators

The solutions developed in the SeRoNet project, in particular the tools for service robot development and the components provided on the platform, are developed right from the start with a strong focus on their practical usability. In three pilot demonstrators, these tools and components as well as the SeRoNet online platform are continuously tested and developed in parallel.

PD1 Distribution Logistics

The first demonstrator deals with the field of distribution logistics. The goal is the implementation of a solution for precise picking of pharmaceutical articles. This process is currently mostly manual, as the nature of the articles and their diverse shapes make automated gripping very difficult.

PD2 HealthCare

The second demonstrator deals with the field of hospital logistics. The aim is an automated transport trolley, which takes care of the need-based supply of care utensils from the warehouse to the room. Although automated transport systems are already being used in many, in particular larger, houses, they have so far generally only been installed in separate areas outside the public or patient area. The system developed here should be in the normal working area of ​​the caregiver on the way.

PD3 Industrial Assembly

The third demonstrator deals with the field of industrial assembly. In addition to the classic conversion drivers, the aspect of a flexible use of people and machines within a production process plays a decisive role. A sub-process should be able to be executed equally by a human as well as a robot or a machine, so that in the ideal case a distinction between manual workstations and classic stations with machines and robots is no longer necessary. The pilot demonstrator thus addresses general challenges of ever shorter product cycles and the increasing number of variants.