The aim of this pilot demonstrator is to make care utensils available in the hospital from the hospital's warehouse to the care rooms as required using an autonomous transport cart.

In the SeRoNet project, an intelligent care cart, developed in advance by the project partners Fraunhofer IPA and KMD, is used to transport the various "module baskets" with thematically sorted care utensils and is equiped with an automatic utensils recognition system in order to track the consumption. The aim of SeRoNet is to combine the subsystems hospital IT, AWT system and intelligent care cart currently implemented as individual solutions into a coherent overall concept.

The following scenario is to be implemented and integrated using the tools developed in SeRoNet: The consumption data recorded on the intelligent care cart is directly saved into the hospital's ERP system. Thus, it is known which module baskets have to be refilled and when. In the central warehouse, new module baskets are individually packed on a picking cart with the aid of the same recognition system and sent to the care station via the AWT system. There the empty baskets are exchanged for full ones. At the same time, the re-ordering of dwindling goods can be automatically enabled via the recorded consumption data on the station and in the warehouse and thus the logistical processes can be optimised.