SeRoNet Runtime-Platform

The SeroNet Runtime Platform provides the technological basis for the development of interoperable (software) components. It has two central elements:

  • an OPC-UA based communication infrastructure
  • a uniform description of components with the SeRoNet component model

The central element of the SeRoNet Runtime Platform is an OPC-UA based communication infrastructure, through which robot and automation components from different manufacturers can communicate and cooperate with each other via standardized messages. As far as possible, SeRoNet focuses on existing device profiles, for example, the OPC-UA Foundation or other cross-vendor bodies such as the CANOpen or the USB consortium.

The SeRoNet component model is used to model functional and non-functional properties of robotic and automation components.

With the help of SeRoNet Tooling, new components can be modeled as SeRoNet components and the software implementation of the actual component (or its driver in the case of a hardware component) can be considerably simplified by automatically creating interfaces to other SeRoNet components. The component developer only needs to create the actual functionality of his component, without having to worry about details of the communication with other components in the later system.