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The University of Applied Sciences Ulm (THU, University of Applied Sciences) offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programs with a focus on the technical field. Together with the University of Ulm there is a cooperative doctoral program "Cognitive Computing". The HSU currently comprises more than 4,100 students and about 130 professors. She is supported in the BMBF funding initiative "Innovative University".

The service robotics research group is one of the largest and most active research groups of the THU ( ). The focus is on application-oriented research and development to increase the everyday usability of (service) robotic systems. Areas of application are mainly Industry 4.0 scenarios, intralogistic scenarios and agricultural scenarios.

Content-related topics are model-driven software engineering methods, including the associated tools, in order to be able to implement complex software-intensive systems in a work-divided manner (roll separation) by flexibly combining and assembling software components ("composability", software ecosystem). The THU is the maintainer of the "SmartSoft World", which covers a wide range of model-driven tools, infrastructure and software building blocks for assembling software systems for service robotics systems.

The research group Servicerobotik is involved in SeRoNet especially in the areas of tooling and model-driven structures for the composition of software components by means of role separation.


Prof. Dr. Christian Schlegel