SeRoNet OPC-UA Runtime-Platform

The SeRoNet runtime environment is based on a model in which every component in a service robot system is regarded as a separate computing unit. Each of these units cooperates with other units via a standardized, OPC-UA based communication level. In this case, the individual units (components) may be present as actually independent physical elements which can be conveyed via a suitable transport layer, such as e.g. EtherCat, or as pure software that run individually or together on a computer.

The SeRoNet runtime environment consists of the set of these standardized communication patterns and standardized interfaces for a variety of component classes. These interface standards follow existing OPC-UA device profiles and other established descriptions of existing device or component classes.

In addition, the SeRoNet runtime environment offers options for monitoring and remote maintenance of the running components as well as for the management of systems and subsystems.